• Why Do We Drift Apart

    How Growth Change People

    When you think of someone like that as your best person in the world then you are pretty much connected to them and you share a special bond that is difficult to break. However even though you think now that this Bond is unbreakable and that you will forever be friends, or lovers, or whatever you are eventually if life throws different situations at you, you will begin to see all differences between the two of you.

    Charlie Eissa

    Of course, two persons cannot be the same person, because people change or more precisely they grow. Most of the time your growth will not be the same as the growth of your best friend and of your lover or some other important person in your life. As long as you can accept the person that is changing and as long as you are there for that person you will probably be ok. However, the sad thing is that over time and as people grow they change a lot and they simply cannot be with the person they chose to be in the first place. Life is like that and there’s no such thing as a promise the things will remain the same.

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