• Concrete Lifting and Leveling: What Can Happen If You Let It Get to This Point

    Why You Might Need Concrete Lifting and Leveling

    Concrete lifting and leveling is a process that can save your foundation from sinking. Without it, your foundation could end up like Swiss cheese with holes in it! If you’re noticing cracks around the exterior of your house, driveway, or sidewalks, then it’s time to call in a professional from Foundation Repair Cape Coral for concrete lifting and leveling.

    This is a process that involves injecting pressurized polyurethane foam under concrete slabs to lift sinking or settling areas. The foam adds support and makes the slab level again, stopping cracks from forming any further. Then, you can apply a polymer-modified cement topping to the slab, which smooths down any rough areas that were caused by sinking. This is all done in one day with minimal inconvenience for you and your family.

    Foundation Repair Cape Coral

    If this process doesn’t happen soon enough, however, major damage could be incurred throughout your foundation including cracking or shifting of walls, decomposition of exterior insulation covering (EIC) boards, and rotting of wood posts. The longer concrete lifting and leveling isn’t addressed within its early stages – the more expensive it becomes as well!

    Also, it’s important to note that this process does not fix the cause of the problem. So, if your home has recently settled or is settling now because the water was left standing on the concrete slab for a long time – it will likely happen again once you have completed these repairs. For this reason, its crucial to permanently stop water from pooling up by fixing any drainage issues around your foundation before concrete lifting and leveling begins

    This process can be pricey but at least you know there won’t be major damage caused to your foundation throughout all stages of work being done. You’ll also save money in repair costs later down the road when things start falling apart! We’ve heard horror stories about people who didn’t get their slabs lifted early enough so they had to break up their concrete and do the work all over again. It’s much easier to just get it done right the first time with our help!